Do You Need a Powerful New Heat Pump?

Do You Need a Powerful New Heat Pump?

Stramm Heating & Cooling performs heating installation in Orwigsburg, PA and surrounding areas

A heat pump is a versatile part of your house. It keeps you warm in the iciest days of winter, contributes to your indoor air quality and affects your energy use. If you need to install a heat pump or replace an old one, you can't settle for just any new heat pump.

Install an effective heat pump with help from Stramm Heating & Cooling. We offer heating installation services in and around Orwigsburg, PA. Hire us to add a Carrier heat pump that:

  • Heats air
  • Manages humidity
  • Cools air

Curious about how a heat pump can cool air? A heat pump does more than its name indicates. It can reverse its function to cool your house like an air conditioner. When you want to stay comfortable year-round, you can depend on our pros for your cooling and heating installation.

Why work with Stramm Heating & Cooling?

After providing HVAC services since the 1980s, we have superior experience and techniques. We will install a Carrier heat pump in a home of any size, layout or style. Plus, our HVAC services include maintenance and repair services.